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Part Number: CS200

CS200 15x 2TB Nimble Storage


Product Information


Brand Nimble



The Nimble Storage CS240G is a part of the Value Array Family ideal for small and medium sized IT teams. The CS240G packs 32TB of RAW storage and 2x10GbE+2x1GbE connections per controller in a 3U rackmount chassis.

The CS series of iSCSI arrays are built on Nimble's CASL architecture (Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout). The CASL architecture utilizes inline compression which stores data in variable-size blocks in real time. This method of compression is 2-4x more effective with no latency when compared to other architectures that store data in fixed-sized blocks. In addition to offering more than double the compression; a copy of hot active hot data is stored in flash memory. This enables lightning fast reads of your data that is laid out sequentially on high capacity disks.

Manufacturer: Nimble Storage
Rack Units: 3U
Max Disk Capacity: 32TB
Storage Controllers: Dual Controllers
Network Connections Per Controller: 2x10GbE+2x1GbE
Base/Max Flash Capacity per Array (GB): 640
Effective Capacity, Maximum (TB): 117 - 234
Max Number of Disk Expansion Shelves: up to 3
Power: Dual AC Power
Dimensions: 5.2"H x 17.2"W x 26.5"D 13.2 cm x 43.7 cm x 67.3 cm3 Rack Units
Weight: 76 lbs. / 34.5 kg
Operating Temperature: 10 - 35° C (50 - 95° F)
Safe Humidity Range While Operating: 8 - 90%


Comes with 15x 2TB Nimble Storage (Product code: HUS724020ALS640)
Bezel and Rails not included.