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Part Number: 01CX797

HDD 8TB SAS 12G 3.5 D3284 6413


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01GT912 AUK0 01CX797 LENOVO 8TB 7.2k NL-SAS 12G 3.5-inch HDD, 

Hard Drive Size: 3.5" LFF
HDD Capacity: 8TB
Disk Speed: 7.2k rpm
Transfer Rate: 12G
Connectivity: SAS


The D3284 drive enclosure supports up to 84x 3.5-inch hot-swap drives. The supported drive types are NL SAS HDDs and SAS SSDs.

The following rules apply when selecting the drive configuration:

  • The drives must be installed in rows. Each row contains 14 drive bays, and there are six rows in the enclosure (three rows per drawer).
  • The drives must be installed in a quantity of 14 per row (all drive bays in the row should be populated).
  • Intermixing HDDs and SSDs is supported within the drawer/enclosure and within the first row in the top drawer, but not within other rows.
  • If SSDs and HDDs are intermixed in the first row in the top drawer, up to four SSDs can be installed, and the remaining slots must be populated with HDDs; the total quantity of the SSDs and HDDs must be equal to 14:
    • 1x SSD + 13x HDDs
    • 2x SSD + 12x HDDs
    • 3x SSD + 11x HDDs
    • 4x SSD + 10x HDDs
  • Intermixing HDDs of various sizes within a row is supported.